Fourth Most Popular Tourist Destination: Hell

Welcome to Hell! Remember, Everyone that goes to Hell, stays in Hell. Just kidding, but you’ll probably never want to leave once you have crossed the barrens into Hell’s Vegas: The Pandemonium. En Fuego! as the Spanish say, and truly everything here is on fire. Every delight you can imagine exists in The Panda as the natives call it: classical movies, symphonies, operas, rock concerts performed by the original artists, food prepared by the greatest long dead chefs of history, and on and on we could go forever. Some people never leave Hell’s museum: aka The Inferno. All of the most evil men and women of history are displayed as exhibits and you can relive any era of Earth’s human chronology by slipping into one of the countless virtual reality pods. Imagine, seeing through the eyes of Rommel, or riding with Caesar across the Rubicon! But you didn’t really come to Hell for learning and enlightenment did you? The casinos are where all the action happens, and if you are lucky you might just get to dice with the Devil himself. As a travel destination, it’s hard as Hell is to find better than the underworld. Our advice, don’t wait; go to Hell! Just don’t sign anything without reading the fine print, and if you’re lucky you might just win a Golden Fiddle.

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