What is Simulastra?

As interplanar travelers moved among worlds, they noticed differences in the metaphysical structures undergirding the various universes. In some worlds, physical laws were operative, while in others, magical principles provided order and predictability, and of course, on some planes both magic and physics are in play. The cosmos is the superset of planes: magical, physical and otherwise. It contains all times, places, and possibilities. It is Simulastra.

As author of this site, my job is to chronicle the events within the multiverse of Simulastra. I transcribe oral histories into writing, for example The Prime Suspect Chapter 1 is the beginning of the tale told to me by Jard of the Efreet, denizen of the Plane of Brass. I also write news articles and personal interest stories about people and events throughout the million planes here: The Simulastran. New from the Multiverse.

If you are looking for free urban fantasy fiction to read, then take a look around. My goal is to write free fantasy fiction every day, and to engage with readers, gamers, cosplayers, and fantasy fans of all types.

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