Brax Wins Interplanal Heavyweight Title

Brax Wins Interplanal Heavyweight Title

Yeti Major. Brax “The Brawler” defeated Yrkkssszl “The Insect King” to take the interplanal heavyweight title in the IPC Tournament on Yeti Major. Brax, weighing in at 2300 kg easily defeated the Insect King, in only 23rd round. Many commentators expected the match to be much closer than it was, but were surprised at the ease which Brax controlled his opponent.

“Honestly, it felt like Brax was playing with his opponent, drawing out the match,” noted one onlooker. “But in the final round it was obvious Yrkkssszl was outclassed.”

“Where is the coward, Gaz,” Brax screamed to the crowd after being receiving the championship belt. Gaz, probably the most famous fighter in the planes, has been retired for many years, and his whereabouts is currently unknown.

Brax the Yeti, aka "The Brawler"
Brax the Yeti, aka “The Brawler”

“Certainly a match between these two would be one of the biggest if not the biggest draw the tournament has ever seen,” fight promoter Xantar of the Efreet told Simulastra News.

With this win, Brax maintains his undefeated record, and claims a 30,000 gold disc prize along with a ticket through the Hall of Portals to the City of Brass, presumably to spend his winnings all in one place.

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