Chaos Lords Build Mion Particle Super Computer

The Chaos Lords of the Dark Planes have combined science and magic to build a computer that passes information using Mion particles. Mions are particles that carry magical energy on planes where magic is part of the metaphysical structure. As Mions exist in an indeterminate state between matter and energy, and are easily transformed from one to the other. Magicians are capable of manipulating Mion particles in various operations both to build wonderous creations and to destroy the same with terrible results. According to Balthaazar, the lead sci-mage of the project, the goal is to automate physical creation and destruction of environments on demand. For example, a Mion programmer could provide instructions to the computer and have it create an entire city or landscape for a number of days, and then disintegrate back into reusable Mion particles.

Asked about reliability, predictablity, and stability, one sci-mage told us, “Very often the unexpected happens. Last week a test subject was randomly transformed into half-pig and half-a-pair-of-boots. But as you might expect from Chaos Beings, we consider crazy shit happening, a feature not a bug.”

“We love crazy shit.” –Chaos Lord Anarka